The myriad or maze of options as to measurement, monitoring and managing markets or consumer communities and their fragmentation or clutter as far as technologies are concerned, the consolidation and simplification thereof is the core objective of OmniMo Media Technology as enterprise. Our technology stacks are simplified, efficient and turns a traditional cost centre into a profit centre.

We take best-of-breed smart media technologies and format them according to client or market needs, tailor them to fit niches or locations, integrate them into the broader ecosystems and their hinterland communities, and then enable our clients to manage all of that through a simple management interface, with our support when needed. This technology stack is managed through simple management dashboards accessed per PC, mobile phone or tablet, and comply with the highest available international security and compliance demands.

In-house as well as directly-managed outsourced capacities, and the capacities of our vast network of technology alliances, built up over decades of international engagements in traditional media, new media, retail shopping centre ownership, and mobile technology product and service development, enable OmniMo Media Technology to serve our clients in terms of digital media product and services development, their integration in data environments, and the active management thereof. Most importantly, also especially with the proactive managing thereof, essentially thus providing the most powerful marketing environment possibly available today and supported by a future-proof technology stack.

We are focusing on two major channels at present, those of smart media technology stacks tailored for major retailers and their physical environment (Shopping Centres), and then the channel constituted by sports communities, their equipment and apparel suppliers, and the vast array of other product and service providers who make up this ecosystem. Detail about these can be viewed in the dedicated sections.