The objectives of this division are to render retailers able to comprehensively measure, track, interpret, budget and in real-time interact with their assets and management processes. A challenge hereto not yet met, internationally, but enter the Internet of Things and a multi-disciplinary team of best-of-breed media and technology houses strategically guided by OmniMo Media Technology, to deliver simplified management dashboards and interfaces accessed per PC, mobile phone or tablet and the challenge changes from an ITC one to a business process one, a non-technical one and which we all have no barrier to entry to.

OmniMo Media Technology involves shopping centre portfolio owners extensively in the design process on the basis of them being key players in the enabling ecosystem and major beneficiaries, due to their property asset becoming more valuable, more cost efficient to manage, safer and secure, with better performance from their tenants and an array of other being accessed by all concerned.

A pilot project-in-progress serves as a practical example of a full-circle media approach being enabled and implemented by the use of a technology stack driven by OmniMo Media Technology and our alliance partners:

  • All assets pertaining to traditional print media distributors for major retailers are measured, tracked, interpreted, actively budgeted for and in real-time interacted with. This happens per flexible route or on proprietary real estate technology-enabled routes. Big data and freshly arrived at projections are then interfaced with retailer data, and that of shopping centres and online stores in the hinterland of the retailers’ market.
  • Simply put, the technology put in place on the mentioned routes are now interfaced with the technology put on site in shopping centres, in touch with all accounting and retail media functions, the full suite of mobile communications and employed in CRM-processes, media, logistics and the full array of sales and marketing functions.
  • The customer sees focused material on television, against walls and in newspapers or brochures, on his personal collection of digital screens and their media. The customer gets the opportunity to become part of a community, and the retailer or supplier does not have to recruit him again as if there was no prior contact. And we have Big Data to help us all, and authoritative Return-on-Investment data to work with in real-time.
  • Simplified management dashboards, configured for each viewer profile, and accessed per PC, mobile device and even wearable (Shortly) from anywhere in the world.