OmniMo Media Technology and with continued support from an associated technology partner MobileHub International Ltd (, is continuously developing an enabling smart technologies platform for sporting codes, their participant communities, all assets involved, their supplier and sponsor -communities, media partners and commercial enterprises.

The Internet of Things (Everything) and Machine-to-Machine technologies, blanket connectivity, communities-driven media/commerce/payments/enterprises/data are employed to serve, secure and safeguard the sporting people and their assets, procure community benefits and loyalty rewards, establish an enabling environment for commercialization of media assets and events, to benefit sporting codes and communities at large.

Per example, Joe Soap as a keen participant in MTB events around South Africa, becomes a Sportal supported member of his enabled club or cooperative. Immediately his person, his sporting gear and routes to and during the events, his media-relevant interactions, transactions and reward system-relevant activities become secure, safeguarded, serves to unlock a myriad of benefits and rewards, and generally makes his future participation more convenient, rewarding and affordable.

The ecosystems are designed with the following parameters in mind:

  • Manufacturer – own, supplied, or integration plan – sensors and management tools.
  • Logistics – infrastructure and management tools/dashboards, smart containers, packaging and labels.
  • Warehousing - 90% shared infrastructure, 100% shared management tools and dashboards.
  • Distribution - point to point, route integration, all protocols and practices, multiple views of management tools and dashboards. Same for physical/traditional and e-commerce.
  • Retail/shop floor – integration with wider LPRN capacities, including shopping centre media mix, traditional and digital (Full spectrum).
  • Sportal integration – CRM, app communities, loyalty programmes, support, big data, security, and all as per simple strategic outline, the more detail as to events the better.

And much more…